WILLIAM P. BABCOCK (1826-1899)

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Born in Boston on January 17, 1826, Babcock studied in Paris with Thomas Couture in 1847. He was one of the first American artists to befriend J.F. Millet, the resident painter at Barbizon, France. It was Babcock who introduced his fellow Bostonian William Morris Hunt, to Millet, which led to an American following of the Barbizon style.

Babcock spent most of his life in the village of Barbizon painting landscapes, still lifes, genre and religious themes. Nevertheless, he exhibited with regularity at the Boston Athenaeum between the years 1855 and 1870 and at the National Academy in 1865, winning recognition in this country as a colorist. He was a regular exhibitor at the Salon, Paris, from 1868 to 1878.

Babcock died at Bois d'Arcy, France in 1899.

His work is represented in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Baltimore Museum of Art; and in many other public and private collections.


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